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Beach Wedding Proccesing

From anywhere in the world
getting married in Zanzibar is legal by laws

We help couples to say ‘YES I DO’ in an official wedding ceremony, so you can enjoy married life together.

Swahili Family Tours helps couples get legally Civil / Religious married from the comfort of the Zanzibar white sand beach and leasure experiance. Couples can enjoy an officiated marriage from the Zanzibar Government. Couples then receive a hard-copy of their marriage certificate which can then be used as a legal document to prove their married status.


You may be wondering how a wedding conducted in Zanzibar can be legal! Zanzibar laws states in weddings be conducted in- personal will be recognized by the government, the process and certification are exactly the legal. The officiate from the government will be conduct the ceremony and confirm the presence of the two individuals getting married. We have established a working relationship with the local offices in order to make the process as easy as possible for you.
Couple have to sign their marriage certificate signed by an officiate.


On your special day you will want to feel wonderful and our fantastic service of organizing official papers, registrar, photographer and beach venue to fulfill your very dream day and making your wedding day perfect day.Swahili Family Tours is a small local company in Zanzibar, we have long experience on wedding paper processing.

For these we can guarantee on this service. We have official peoples of all time work for us and we will make you feeling wonderful on your wedding day. We offers papers work services for all kind of wedding either Symbolic, Religious or Legal Civil wedding and organizing of documents legalization to be recognize as official international certificate.By choosing us to organize the official papers work you won’t regret it, we care.

You are in good hands when you plan your official wedding papers with us.
Contact us for more information and assistance on wedding papers processing.Book with us will make it happen


  1. Fill in an inquiry form and attach a copy of your passport plus passport size photo.
  2. We can organize two witness if you don’t have yours.
  3. We can organize the marriage ceremony, reception, venue, decoration and registration for you.
  4. On your big day, enjoy your wedding ceremony, which takes around 30 minutes.
  5. We will organize your marriage certificate to be signed by an registrar, stamped by government, legalize and send to you.


Mr. Kassim is the best: professional and fine customer service skills. He gets the job done effortlessly. He married my husband and I within one week of seeing him, was upfront with all needed legal paperwork to complete the administrative process for the ceremony, and prices were reasonable. His infectious, warm smile, and beautiful personality calms any nerves you may have regarding your wedding ceremony. You will definitely detect years of experience from the very first conversation. He made my husband and I simple wedding experience something we will never forget. Thank you so much Mr. Kassim!! I pray you have many more successful weddings.
In December 2019, my wife and I got married on the beautiful island of Zanzibar. It had long been a dream of ours to have a destination wedding and over 3 years ago when we moved here from Southern Africa for work, the opportunity presented itself. There were many challenges regarding the procedures to be followed but that was all laid to rest once we were referred to Mohamed by one of my colleagues. Mohamed took care of everything (and I mean everything) and all we basically had to do was show up and fill in the necessary paper work. It all went so smoothly and all the while Mohamed showed us nothing but professionalism and care. He forever did his work with a smile and on time. For those of you looking to have a destination wedding in Zanzibar as well as have some fun activities to do, I strongly recommend Mohamed and Swahili Family Tours to give you an experience of a lifetime. Mamo and Baruti

What are legal Wedding Requirements.

To help us take care of all the arrangements, we need a few things from you.
  • Full name, address and occupation.
  • Valid passport copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Birth certificates copy
  • A letter from legal organization (church, lawyer, or civil registrar from your country) confirming that both parties are not married or if divorced, (No impediment Certificate)
  • Original proof if name changed by deed poll
  • Under 18 years, evidence of consent of parents is required in the form of affidavit by a notary public

All documents should be translated in English scanned and sent to us by email minimum 6 weeks prior to the wedding.Each document should not exceed 500 KB.

Send Documents to :


On the ceremony you have to show the original documents that you will get back immediately
Pay online with our secure payment process.


What you can expect to receive. An official marriage certificate stamped, signed and legalized from your Embassy or Council office in Zanzibar/Tanzania.


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